Cobham Services HGV Extension

Additional HGV parking providing a safe environment for Truckers with access to facilities. The location had considerable challenges as it was located on a steeply sloping part of the site. Careful consideration had to be given to the proposed site levels which were designed to reduce the amount of cut whilst ensuring that the proposed gradients were suited for use for HGV parking.
Various options for the construction build-ups were considered with the chosen solution being a stabilised subbase. Reduced construction thickness meant less material to cart away providing cost benefit to the client, reduced vehicle movements on the road, reduced CO2 emissions and reduced import of subbase.
Drainage was designed to be achieved via gravity with flow to an existing balancing pond. This solution meant there was no reliance on pumping, there was no plastic geocellular tanks whilst an enhanced landscape was provided for surface water management.


Architect: Ryder Architecture
Project Engineers: Elliottwood